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Other worlds, other customs...

The Alliance consists of several species and cultures. Those cultures are quite interesting and very different from each other. Since Lisanne is a very good world builder, the inner workings, customs and rituals of each of the societies and sourroundings that exist on all the planets inside and out of the Alliance are amazing not only to members of AlRel - Shola's Alien Relations Dept.

From politics, languages, technology, bio info, history and diplomacy to pets, landscapes, art, songs, relationships, mystics, religions and professions, the Sholan, Jalnian, Keissian, U'Churian, Cabbaran, Toubian, Valtegan and other societies could have so much written about them that you'd not know where to start.

This section will grow with time, telling you more about these fascinating species.

Sholan Society


  • The Sholan Calendar

Sholan Months Of The Year

A year is 12 months long and there are 31 days for all months but December, which is 33 days long. A day is 26 hours long,and Summer is the longest season. Zhal is the Sholan prefix for a solar based month (from the solar God, Zhalwae), and the month name is the name of the God or Goddess associated to the function mentioned after his or her name. For instance, L'Shoh is the fabled Liege of Hell and Consort to the Goddess Kuushoi.

January = Zhal-L'Shoh - Winter's Hellmouth
February = Zhal-Mellaska - Spring Hope - 16th is first day of Spring
March = Zhal-Arema - Month of Love
April = Zhal-Ch'Ioka - Month of Hearth
May = Zhal-Zhalwae - Month of the Sun God - 6th is First day of Summer
June = Zhal-Ghyakulla - Month of the Goddess
July = Zhal-Vartra - Month of the Consort
August = Zhal-Oeshi - Month of the Harvest
September = Zhal-Nylam - Month of the Hunt - 18th First day of Autumn
October = Zhal-S'Asha - Month of Approaching Darkness
November=  Zhal-Rojae - Month of Snow - 4th is First Day of Winter
December = Zhal-Kuushoi - Month of Winter - 26th is Midwinter Festival

So what do the Sholans look like?  Well,here's Kusac, drawn by a very talented artist called Lyon.

The novels are about Kusac and his mind-linked companion, a Human girl called Carrie.

Lisanne is currently working on the 6th in the series, called STRONGHOLD RISING.


Here, courtesy of Mike Gilbert of DAW Books Inc we have sketches of the Valtegans at last.

Those of you who've read DARK NADIR will know who the two at the top of the page are.  The one with the toothy grin and the scar is dear old General Kezule himself.  It's nice at last to see the enemy face to face!



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