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SPELL FANTASTIC - a DAW anthology by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Seagriff. See Lisanne's own pages for more info and a look at the cover!

ISBN 0-88677-878-6

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CONVENTIONS Lisanne is attending.

Dragoncon in Atlanta,Georgia at the end of June 2000.

Novacon 30 in Birmingham, England, in November 2000.

Paragon in Hinckley, Leicestershire over the Easter weekend in 2001 where she is one of the Guest Writers.

Comng soon - my report on 2Kon, this year's Easter UKConvention.

Con Report

Conifur Northwest

The convention in Seattle went well. Lisanne made contact with a firm called Stuffe and Nonsense who make custom made furry toys to get the first ever jegget made. Think of that, folks! Soon we will see a real jegget! We don't yet know how much further ones will cost, but we may be able to get some made for members.

Lisanne was also on a couple of panels about writing and getting into print. The panels were well attended and apparently had a few laughs in them too when discussing how not to submit a story to a publisher! Imagine someone faxing a whole novel to a publisher so they can't get in the door next morning? Or writing it on pink paper in gold ink, tied up in a red ribbon? Yes, both have really happened!

At the con they had wooden signposts telling people where to go for program items. Would you believe it took Lisanne a day and a half to not notice one sign led to Shola? Someone finally took pity on her and pointed it out to her! We wouldn't have taken so long to notice, would we??

Here's a picture of the sign and the Real Banner and Jurrel!

Shola sign

Can you see the sign to Shola?

While at the con, Lisanne had the opportunity to visit a white tiger called Pepper and an ocelot kit. And the lucky lady spent some time visiting with Banner and Jurrel to see their panther and two cougars. This gave her the opportunity to study the animals for real for her writing. As when she met the tiger Tagil at Eurofurence 5 in Germany and found out tiger's noses are actually dry and cool, it helps her find out all the little details that make the Sholans really come alive for us. She said she'd never been that close to a panther before!

Pepper the white tiger

Here is a picture of Pepper.

After a week's quality time with her son, Lisanne and Kai arrived here in Boston where she visited with my family and had a book signing at the local Barnes and Nobles. The book signing went well selling out completely Turning Point all but one copy of Fortune's Wheel and three copies of Fire Margins! We were able to spend a night on the club's chat room which Cyndee runs so well, and do some building on the Sholan Mud.

Her next stop is New York where she will be meeting with her editor to do the finishing touches to her next book, Stronghold Rising.

The next time Lisanne will be in the US will be to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta at the end of June, 2000. The fan club has been given the opportunity to set up a fan club table to help promote the Sholan Alliance Fan Club. We are looking for volunteers so please get in touch with us at the fan club address on these pages.

Dragoncon's web site is at the following address.