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News from EasterCon 2001

Pictures from Lisanne's surprise birthday party given by 900+ of her closest friends

Several views of Lisanne's beautiful birthday cake. The top was a copy of the cover of her second book, Fortunes Wheel, along with the fan club insignia, Sigil and Nung blossom. On the bottom layer was an open book made of blue frosting containing a complete paragraph from her third book, Fire Margins. Lisanne cut her cake with an authentic Japanese sword. No ordinary knife for her!

N'ish, Vaughn and Lisanne admiring her cake.

Lisanne cuts cake

Ina, the person responsible for the beautiful cake was gracious enough to cut and serve it. Thank you Ina it was delicious!

Dave hardy, famous British SF illustrator and John, another SF author and friend of Lisanne presented Lisanne with her gifts.

Lisanne and Alice

Lisanne and some of her many friends.
Lisanne's special gift was the original print fron Stronghold Rising. Jim Burns added extra touches to this print to make it special. You could see the individual hairs on the Sholans and more details on the mountains. It was beautiful!

The party was a great success with all 900+ conventioneers and the 400+ members of Lisanne's fan club keeping the secret, some of us for a whole year. Must be a record!

Pictures taken by Chris Morgan and Noel Collyer.
Chris's pictures edited by Dave Hardy at dave@hardyart.demon.co.uk